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Tulo: 27.05.2020
Ma Ti Ke To Pe La Su
Lähtö: 28.05.2020
Ma Ti Ke To Pe La Su
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Saldus district

Etusivu - Baltian Matkakohdet - Latvia - Latvia districts - Saldus district

District of Saldus

District of Saldus

Saldus is the sweet city of Kurzeme, which always welcomes with Ciecere river and Saldus lake attraction, and only from natural products creates ice-cream and milk toffees “Gotiņa”.
Saldus is city, in which young generation is loved – in city are set up nice relaxation places and wide playground for children.
At the time of relaxation you can sit on St. Jānis church stairs and feel like in great painting of famous Saldus inhabitants – painter Jānis Rozentāls (1866 – 1916) - “No baznīcas”.
Near Saldus is located Brocēni, city which unites nature niceties – proximity of Ciecere lake and developed industrial production.
Interesting and exciting are also other places in region, both in previous war aviation target polygon territory in Zvārde, and carefully preserved castles and manors.
Come and you will feel relaxed, stay and you will see, that in Saldus it is worth to live and work! 

Saldus region council
Avotu street 12,
Saldus, LV-3800
Phone 3807900, fax 3807910

Saldus tourism information center
Phone: fax 3807443, 3881666
e-mail: ,