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Hotellit Baltiassa

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Estonia lies along the Baltic Sea, just below Finland. Tallinn, Estonia’s capital city is only about 40 miles south of Helsinki, across the Gulf of Finland. Everything that you see while travelling around in Estonia is inseparable from history.Estonians belong to the oldest peoples in Europe and were already living on the coasts of the Baltic Sea at the time when the first pyramids were erected in Egypt. And one more thing, Estonia is larger on the inside than on the outside, the “secret” well known and shared by the locals. It is quite unusual to find such a variety in landscapes, flora, seasons, weather and moods within only a couple of dozens of kilometres.

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Latvia is a small country on the Baltic Sea with ancient history and traditions. There are many interesting tourist sights which will attract everyone. If you want to enjoy nature - there is not only the serene Gulf of Riga and the open Baltic Sea, but also nature parks, fast rivers and lakes with beautiful forests on the shores. Those who are interested in history will be fascinated by the medieval castles and culture of the ancient Latvians. If you are interested not only in entertainment but also in gaining new knowledge and information you are welcome to visit Old Riga, where you will find not only fabulous architectural monuments but also various night clubs and pubs.

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Lithuania is the only Baltic country with nearly eight hundred years of statehood tradition, while its name was first mentioned almost one thousand years ago, in 1009. Wedged at the dividing line of Western and Eastern civilizations, Lithuania battled dramatically for its independence and survival. Once in the Middle Ages, Lithuania was the largest state in the entire Eastern Europe, where crafts and overseas trade prospered. Today, recovering from the past Lithuanians are building a modern and democratic society based on their historic traditions. Nature has been generous to Lithuania. Although there are no mountains or great forests, the country's beauty lies in the diversity of its landscape. This is a place of rolling hills and gentle plains, of quietly flowing rivers and of lakes which reflect the blueness of the sky. The largest river, the Nemunas carries the waters to the Baltic Sea, wherein lies Lithuania's famous "amber coast".

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