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Rezekne district

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District of Rezekne

District of Rezekne

Rezekne town council
Atbrivosanas aleja 93, Rezekne, LV-4601
Phone: 4607605

Rēzekne – seventh largest city in Latvia, center of Latgale and heart – sinking in the garden and park green beauty and attracts with its street beautiful arabesque. In the flow of centuries, city has changed its name not only once: Rozitten, Režica, Rēzekne…

At the moment Rēzekne city territory is 1749 hectares. According to Latvia Republic central statistic (CSP) and Latvia 2000th year nation counting data in Rēzekne city total resident inhabitant number in year 2005 was around 38 thousands people.

Rēzekne is Latgale culture and education center, in it peacefully coexists representatives of different nationalities (32.2% are Latvian, 50% – Russian, 2,7% – Polish, 4,3% – representatives of other nations). It is city, which inhabitants march towards days with belief in heart, and, possibly that is exactly why Rēzekne is colored and sounded by bell sounds of Catholic church, Orthodox cathedrals and Old-believer prayer houses …

Active and varied is city culture life: in Rēzekne happen song festivals, art and poetry days, National culture festival, but in September every year happen city celebration and art production fair.