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Ogre district

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District of Ogre

District of 0gre

Ogre region is considered the central region of Latvia, because in it located Plātere castle mound has been considered to be Latvia geographic center. In Ogre region are places, where 800 years ago started historical events of European importance, about which are told in Indriķis Livonia chronicles. Foundation of diocese at Ikšķile in 12th century marked Baltic Nation involvement into Western Europe church and culture scope. 

Ogre region self-government does tasks, which are connected to region, district and parish education, health care, social help and culture institution work, and gives to these institutions methodical help. In Ogre region are 15 self-governments: 4 regions with cities and 11 parishes. 

Ogre region self-government
Ogre, Brīvības street 33, LV 5001
Phone: +371 5055370

In Ogre region there is well developed infrastructure and industrial environment, which is open to investments. Ogre region is important production center in Latvia. In year 2003 at Ogre region work 841 economically active companies, even in the beginning of year 2005. in the Commerce register of Ogre were registered 1373 companies, in Ogre region important economical branch is agriculture production. Successfully develops milk cattle-breeding, breeding of pedigree cattle, grain, potatoes and vegetable culture growing, as well as beekeeping product production. 

In Ogre region is highly evaluated culture and sport. In region education institutions are realized 410 interest education programs. In Ogre region most of the children work in dance, music and sport groups. In summer of 2005, at 9th youth Song and Dance festival attended 1055 participants from 41 collectives.

Surrounded by beautiful forests, mountains and rivers, Ogre city has developed into health resort and relaxation place. City is remarkable with its 20th century 20-30 year architecture.
In the base city building is historically created by wooden summer cottages.
In Ogre region can be seen place, where lived Lāčplēsis and fought with Black Knight, his bed and blanket, Spīdala blocks; Latvia first masonry building ruins, ponds on the top of the mountain, Baltic chief castle mound and many other exciting Ogre region most remarkable places.