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Jekabpils district

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District of Jekabpils

District of Jekabpils

It is the eight largest city in Latvia, located on the both sides of Daugava in distance of 145 km of Riga at the west part of Eastern Latvia low land. City territory of size 26 km2 is inhabited by 26 000 inhabitants – Latvians, Russians, Ukrainians, Polish, Byelorussia, Hebrew, Gypsies.
Jēkabpils was created by union of two cities – more than 800 years old Krustpils on the right side of Daugava and 335 years old Jēkabpilis on the other side of the river.

Jēkabpils is Zemgale, Latgale and Vidzeme bordering city at the crossroad of railroad lines and transit roads. It has comfortable traffic with capital city Riga, as well as Russian, Byelorussian and Lithuanian cities.

Jēkabpils rapidly growing city. With every year more powerful become clothing industries „VIOLA STILS”, „GEFA Latvija”, „Asote 2”. New production market is found by woodworking companies „ULD”, „Ošukalns”, „Krista”, „Sēlijas mežs”. In many cities of the republic well liked is varied production of „Jēkabpils maizes kombināts”, „Jēkabpils piena kombināts” and meat manufacturers „Serho 777” and „Everit”. 

Jēkabpils is regional education and culture center. Youngsters from wide surroundings gain education in branches of several high schools. Every year rises the number of students in Riga Pedagogy and Education management high school, business high school „Turība”, Baltic Russian institute and Jēkabpils Agro-business college.
To classical music concerts and opera open air plays in Jēkabpils arrive listeners from Madona, Rēzekne, Aizkraukle, Preiļi, and even Riga.
In competition in motor-track compete not only Latvian sportsmen, but also travelers from other countries.
School age children can improve their talent in art school, A. Žilinskis music school, sport school, hobby groups, Children and youngster center and both culture houses.

Jēkabpils is city, in which main care is human, his needs and wellbeing, that’s why EU structure fund and self government budget funds are constructively used for ordering of infrastructure, education, medicine, culture and sport institution improving. In last few years in Jēkabpils was reconstructed drinking water and canalization system, boiler room and heat transfer networks. In time of three years for two city secondary schools are built sport halls, is done gymnasium reconstruction, reconstructed stadium, built new chamber hall and church.
In inhabitable building micro regions are created children and youngster centers.

Jēkabpils is city of tradition. Every summers Julys second Saturday happen city celebration, when is honored one of city streets and its inhabitants. In large number city inhabitants gather to New Year celebration event at the old city square. More and more participants have to be evaluated in contests for the cleanest yard and most beautiful garden, best show-window and building decoration in Christmas. Every year also new city buildings are evaluated.

Jēkabpils is city of tourism. Travelers are attracted by ancient Krustpils castle, History museum outdoor part „Sēļu sēta”, Strūve meridian measurement point, architecture and art monuments. For nature lovers unforgettable pleasure will be given by relaxation at Radžu water reservoir and ride with raft on the river Daugava. For tourist pleasure in the city are created night shelters which meet modern standards in hotels „Hercogs Jēkabs” and „Daugavkrasti”.