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Read more about the Baltic Travel Group at btgroup BTG is a Destination Management Company, committed to providing quality incoming travel services to its international travel trade partners. O

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What happens when I complete my reservation? By completing the reservation, you enter into an agreement with us, which substantially means that, you:      a: Accept th


Baltic Hotels Online is one of the online wholesalers of hotels and travel services in the Baltic States and we use our vast inventory of travel products to supply travel agencies, tour operators and

Vilnius hotels

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Domina Inn City hotel

Lithuania hotels

Lithuania hotels Vilnius hotelsVilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is the largest and most beautiful Lithuanian city with a population of 600.000 The town, founded in 1323, stan

Latvia hotels

Hotels in Latvia Riga hotelsRiga is located along the Baltic Sea at the southern coast of the Gulf of Riga, on the Rigava coastal plain. The historical core of Riga is situated

Estonia hotels

Hotel guide for Estonia Tallinn hotelsTallinn, the capital of Estonia, is located in Northern Europe in the north-eastern part of the Baltic Sea region. Tallinn´s peculiar geo

Things to see & do

August August 5 KING'S COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE BOYS CHOIR (England) Organiser: Eesti Kontsert Ph. +372 614 7700, info@concert.ee, www.concert.ee August 10 - 19 BIRGITTA FESTIVAL A unique festival


Bicycle ToursEstonia and Baltics are just great to discover on bicycle: flat and small and by bicycle you can find all these places where you can't reach on foot and where the cars

Things to see & do in Estonia

Discover Estonia and you will see it is phenomenal. Like Alice in her Wonderland, you will find there is even more to see in Estonia than you have dreamed about. The dream world becomes real and the r


Restaurant & Bar NeroMon - Sun 12:00 - 24:00 Sadama 11, Tallinn High standard restaurant seating 176 persons is real oasis for gourmet friends. Our Chef de Cuisine Andrus Laaniste


"TALLINN CITY TOUR" excursion will take place with an audio guide in 8 different languages: in Estonian, English, German, Frensh, Finnish, Swedish, Russian and Spanish. Excursions

Things to see & do

February 16th: Independence Day 17th: Uzgavenes (first Saturday after Shrove Tuesday) 22nd - 25th: Vilnius Book Fair March 2nd - 9th: International Women’s Cinema Festival 2nd - 4th: Kaziuko

Things to see & do in Lithuania

Whoever you are – a businessman who has arrived in Vilnius to sign an agreement, a tourist on vacation or an experienced traveler looking for new adventures – several days stay in Vilnius will be


Most cafes and restaurants are located in the centre of the city or in the Old Town. Apart from Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Georgian, French cuisine, which have become traditional in Vilnius


If you came to Vilnius on your own and want to become acquainted with the city, to see its most beautiful sites, we invite you to join the Vilnius City Tour. Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania, s

Things to see & do

Riga's old town, a living museumThere are few other places where you will find such a concentration of well-preserved buildings, not least beautiful timber-framed houses, dating back to medieva


Museum of PharmacyBe a chemist for a day. Mix your own "medicines". Riharda Vagnera street 13. Motor MuseumLarge collection of cars from over the years. Exhibits inc


Seasons RestaurantFine restaurants in one of the Baltics’ highest class hotels, the Grand Palace, which is considered a monument of good taste in the Baltics.

Savoy Boutique hotel

Baltic hotels

EstoniaEstonia lies along the Baltic Sea, just below Finland. Tallinn, Estonia’s capital city is only about 40 miles south of Helsinki, across the Gulf of Finland. Everythin

Baltic destinations

Destination guide for Baltic cities   It is often indicated that Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia have little else in common other than their geographic proximity, similar small size, and t

Transportation in the Estonia

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is located in Northern Europe in the north-eastern part of the Baltic Sea region. Area of Tallinn - 159,2 km² (Estonia 45 227 km²). By

Arrival by Bus

International bus lines (Eurolines, Ecolines) connect Tallinn to Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Kaliningrad, Kaunas, Krakow, Kiev, Munich, Riga, St. Petersburg, Stuttgart, Vilnius, Warszawa. Internationa

Transportation in the Latvia

Latvia can be accessed by virtually every means of transportation. Maritime transport links the three main seaports (Riga, Liepaja and Ventspils) with the other Baltic Sea countries, there are good

Arrival by Plane

Direct flights: Amsterdam, Baku, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Duesseldorf, Dublin, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Goteborg, Hamburg, Helsinki, Hurgada, Istanbul, Kaliningrad, Kiev, London,

Transportation in the Lithuania

Vilnius is easy to get to, whether you go by plane, by bus, or by ferry. Vilnius International Airport is small but cosy and it is situated just 7 kilometers from the city centre. If you are going t

Arrival by Plane

Located just 4 km from the Tallinn City centre, the modern Tallinn Airport provides excellent facilities and a wide variety of services to meet the demands of all its customers.   Infor

Arrival by Car

Driving In Estonia, as in continental Europe, the traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road. Estonian law requires an international driver's license and valid insurance policy. Durin

Arrival by Bus

Travelling by bus is quite popular, because bus routes cover almost every part of the country. Bus schedules are constantly changing, the new routes are being added and the less popular are being

Arrival by Car

You may make use of rent-a-car services in Riga . Rent-a-car companies offer new cars of well-known models including chauffeured ones. In Car Rental companies you can rent Cars, Minibuses and Buses

Arrival by Bus

Sodu g. 22 LT-03211, Vilnius Telephone: 1661 (to call from Vilnius or from a mobile phone) Telephone: +370 5 900 01 661 (to call from other cities) Working hours: daily 6.00 am – 21.00 p.m. E-m

Arrival by Plane

Vilnius is a modern and rapidly developing European city. After Lithuania’s accession to the European Union, its cultural and economic relations with foreign countries are extending, therefore the

Arrival by Car

If you go on a trip by car, you can arrive in Vilnius by the following roads: Vilnius - Kaunas - Klaipeda - motorway A1 (E270) Vilnius - Panevezys - motorway A2 (E272) Vilnius - Minskas - mot


Due to its unique historical and architectural features, the Old Town of Vilnius was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. Like all other medieval cities, Vilnius developed around the To


» 10 reasons why to visit Riga » Riga for children » Riga 2008. Tourism manual » Art Nouveau in Old Riga » Tourism Map - 2008 » Opportunities for active

Tallinn hotels

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Tallinn - Old Town With Old Town CharmTallinn's old town belonging to UNESCO's World Heritage List, is a magnnificent blend of medieavel streetscape and modern convenience, with

Pallas hotel

Riga hotels

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Radisson SAS Tallinn Hotel

Tallink Express hotel

Aizkraukle district

District of AizkraukleAizkraukle region councilAddress: Lāčplēša street 1 A, Aizkraukle, LV 5101, Latvia Phone: (+371) 5133930 Fax: (+371) 5133934 E-mail: dome@aizkraukle.lv  Homepage: www.aizkra

Jelgava district

District of Jelgava Jelgava town council Liela 11, Jelgava, LV-3001 Phone: 3005522   • JELGAVA is located in the central part of Zemgale low land only 42 km or half an hour on train away

Jekabpils district

District of Jekabpils It is the eight largest city in Latvia, located on the both sides of Daugava in distance of 145 km of Riga at the west part of Eastern Latvia low land. City territory of siz

Kraslava district

District of Kraslava   You are welcome to Krāslava region! If you have decided to travel around, relax and at the same time learn about life in Latgale, then use this possibility and to go to so c

Liepaja district

District of Liepaja   Liepaja City Council Rozu 6, Liepaja, LV-3401 Phone: 3404750 Fax: 3423391 Liepāja is third largest Latvia city, which for their home have chosen around 90 000 peop

Madona district

District of Madona Madona town council Saieta laukums 1, Madona, LV-4801 Phone: 4860580 Greetings to you are sent from the meeting place of mountains and lowlands - Madona region. It is loc

Ogre district

District of 0gre Ogre region is considered the central region of Latvia, because in it located Plātere castle mound has been considered to be Latvia geographic center. In Ogre region are places,

Ventspils district

District of Ventspils Ventspils Town Council Juras 36, Ventspils, LV-3601 Phone : 3601100 Fax: 3601118 Ventspils is located in Latvia northwest part, near Venta river estuary into Baltic

City Cards/Excursions

Discover Riga with Riga Card!A sightseeing tour and many other most popular cultural and tourist attractions are included in Riga Card offer. You can use as a transport tick

Viru Inn Hotel

Tallinn Backpackers hostel

Latvia districts

GENERAL FACTS ABOUT LATVIA Latvia in Brief Location: Latvia is situated in Northern Europe, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The Territory of Latvia: 64,589 square kilometres (24,938 squ

Euroopa hotel

Tallinn Official Sightseeing Tour

Ecoland hotel

Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel

Tallink City Hotel

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Hotel Solutions

Why become a partner of Baltic Hotels Online ? There are no costs involved - putting your hotel on our sites is absolutely free of charge. We do all the work to find guests for your hotel at no cost t

Swissotel Tallinn hotel

Spa Package in Tallink Spa

Madonna's concert Tallinn


Baltic Biking (Vilnius-Talllinn)

Baltic Biking (Talllinn-Vilnius)

Depeche Mode concert Riga

Concert agency “FBI” informs: May 25th 2009 is the date, when one of the modern day concert groups – the famous British band “Depeche Mode”, which has gained a cult status not only in Latvia

Tallinn city

Discover Tallinn This video presents Tallinn as a modern meeting place that offers the joy of discovery and surprise, where there’s plenty to do for holidaymakers and businesspeople alike. Duration

Enrique Iglesias concert in Tallinn

ENRIQUE IGLESIAS COMES BACK TO TALLINN! After 2 totally sold out concerts on 2007 Enrique Iglesias in finally back. On the 29th of April Enrique Iglesias comes back to Saku Arena with only one

Paketti Retket Tallinnan Eläintarhassa

Tallinn Card


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