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Why do we need animators in the hotel?

Relatively recently, such a concept as "animator" has appeared in our country. This word began to call people who do not always have a pedagogical education, but have good communication and organizational skills, which are so important in communication.

But it is precisely for the entertainment of the guests that they are hired by many fitness clubs, shopping centers, children's camps, hotels. A creative streak also matters, so this kind of work may not be suitable for everyone.

And if we talk specifically about hotels, then not all of them are located within the city limits and many need a long journey. Who owns a car or has a corporate delivery, then there will be no problems, and if this is not the case, then the management, in order not to lose valuable personnel, can add any bonuses to the salary.

Why are animators valuable?
Working with children requires special skill, as well as working with adults who are unable to independently and productively organize their leisure time.

Children of guests are the main link in the policy of any hotel, because they bring additional income: payment for children's rooms, trampolines and other entertainment. In addition, if the child likes everything, and the parents manage to leave time for themselves - to visit a spa or a business seminar - then this is a guarantee that the client can become a regular.

Many do not know how to entertain their offspring on vacation, so they do not follow them, letting them walk around the hotel, and this may be unsafe: fall into the pool, get lost. If animators work, then they are, as it were, educators-teachers in one person, who organize the child's day in full, involving parents in the action.

At the suggestion of the animator, even a shy child will find something to do with himself and will be able to make friends among the guys who are hotel guests. And adults will get no less pleasure by participating in funny jokes or performances.

What does an animator do in a hotel?
Arranges drawing contests, pool games.
Organizes daily exercises, dance evenings.
Teaches to paint with paints on wood, ceramics, fabric.
Leads relay races, lotteries.
Shows magic tricks and teaches dance.
If he copes with the work perfectly, then all the clients are satisfied and the hotel has a large profit and a lot of positive reviews from vacationers!