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Reinforcing and masonry nets

Construction masonry plastic mesh can increase the reliability of the structure, reduce the thermal conductivity of the walls of the building. In addition, such a product is able to save cement consumption, and, accordingly, material means.

These processes are based on the fact that the composition of the cement does not fall into the voids of the brick, nor does it fall into the spaces between the main material. By reducing thermal conductivity, it becomes possible to reduce heating costs. Also an advantage of using the described object makes the masonry process much easier, which is especially important at a fairly affordable cost of fixtures.

Due to the fact that the masonry grate is made of high-quality polypropylene, it is characterized by high rates of chemical resistance to all types of cement mortars. In addition to the purely laying function, this item may be applicable in the process of finishing work, as a reinforcing material.

To lay, transport and operate this device very simply does not require skills and knowledge, as well as working with special tools, since it is lightweight and is supplied to the construction market in rolls.

Plastic mesh has another variety - reinforcing plaster mesh. The device has ideal chemical and physical characteristics. There is also a cellular structure in which it is made in the form of a square. High resistance to various aggressive environments, to mechanical loads is noted. Due to this, the lattices do not dissolve in cement mortars, therefore it is a high-quality reinforcing agent.

Using it, you can reinforce the surface in the process of puttying and plastering. It can also be used for activities such as laying gypsum plasterboard on a special material, for the construction of bulk floors, for the design and restoration of facade parts of buildings. Even such objects differ in size and density of cells. The use of a reinforcing object helps prevent cracking on the surface.

You can buy polymer products in the market where building materials are sold, as well as on many Internet resources, and it is also quite convenient, as you can get expert advice, find out the cost and distinctive features of a particular type of grating.