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Fairytale holidays in Finland in winter

Where would you like to spend your summer? Most likely in hot countries such as Spain, Cuba or Croatia. Summer belongs to these places, as if lost somewhere there, among the white beaches, you can “feel” it to the end here.

But winter belongs to completely different countries. And in this context, the first thing that comes to mind is Finland. The country of Suomi, like a crystal princess, is wrapped in a blanket from coniferous forests and a quiet lullaby. Traditionally, holidays in Finland are considered the best opportunity to spend the winter months, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, enjoying a real ice tale that will never allow you to freeze.

Featuring the large size of the country, Finland provides ample opportunities for recreation to people of all ages and interests.

Holidays in Finland: from winter fishing to the fabulous Helsinki
Featuring truly warm hospitality, this northern country is a real paradise for tourists. You can talk about all its tourist attractions, memorable places and routes for hours. In this article we will try to dwell only on the most remarkable of them.

Traditionally, holidays in Finland in winter attract tourists from all over the world with the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the fabulous New Year's Eve Helsinki. This small town by European standards (population about 580 thousand people) is distinguished by true Scandinavian hospitality and hospitality. You can talk about the various sights of the capital of Finland for hours. But is it worth it? And is it possible to convey in words the very atmosphere of this place?

The sound of an old tram that rolls down along fabulous streets and bridges sparkling in the night; and the measured rustle of the Baltic Sea, which fills every moment with some almost magical silence. In this city, a holiday in Finland seems unforgettable.

Usually, a vacation in Finland with children is, first of all, a visit to the residence of Santa Claus. Creating the atmosphere of a real fairy tale, right at the door of the Village of Santa, not far from the capital of Lapland, the town of Rovaniemi, elves and gnomes meet guests. You can also ride a deer here. In this place, everything is breathing Christmas. And, it seems, it is simply impossible to remain indifferent to this winter magic.

Recreation and fishing in Finland
Due to its unique nature - an abundance of mountain rivers and large lakes - the country of Suomi remains one of the best places for lovers of fishing and outdoor activities. If you want to ski in Finland inexpensively, the resort towns of Luosto, Vuokatti and Levi are best suited for this. Fans of winter fishing are best suited for places such as Lake Pyhäjärvi and Jyväskylä, which are considered one of the most popular destinations.