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Turnkey website: what to expect from the service and what are its advantages

Recently, we often hear about such a service as a turnkey website. It is rapidly gaining popularity among our compatriots, being in demand, first of all, among those people who are planning to open their own business on the Internet. The turnkey website service promises to the owners of Internet platforms broad prospects in terms of the development of their business. It significantly speeds up and simplifies the process of creating and popularizing a web resource, relieving customers from a whole host of small worries.

What exactly is the essence of the turnkey website service? What result should people using it expect, and how much work do the developers do? Let's touch on such an issue as website development, the price for which in the modern market has a fairly wide framework.

First of all, it is worth noting that a person who buys a turnkey website gets at his disposal a completely ready-to-use Internet resource. Thanks to this service, it solves almost all problems related to the operation of the platform overnight. At the same time, the customer does not need to overpay. In fact, he even saves, as he gets the full package of services almost in bulk. In addition, many developers offer a free domain name or substantial discounts for resource optimization as bonuses. Most of them create websites according to the established scheme. However, this does not mean that the platform will be too simple or trivial. It is developed for the individual needs of the client, taking into account its future focus and specific targets.

A turnkey website is developed in several stages at once. As already mentioned, it involves the implementation of a whole range of services by developers. First of all, the customer, together with the developers, is determined with the key tasks and the most optimal ways to accomplish them. An exact technical task is being formulated, in accordance with which an interactive prototype of the future site is being created. In addition, the most convenient and user-friendly interface is being considered.

At the next stage, work is carried out with the visual component of the project. A suitable design is developed that corresponds to the corporate style of the company, the subject of the resource and the individual wishes of the customer.

Next comes the so-called layout of the site. In order for the platform to be efficiently promoted and edited in the future, a certain resource management system is used. All necessary modules are also installed.

Most companies offering a turnkey website also fill the platform by selecting suitable content. Optimized texts are published, developed taking into account the requests of the target audience and search engines.

At the last stage, the site is tested, after which it is posted on the Internet. As a rule, developers offer help with choosing a domain name and take care of the hosting issue.