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The most beautiful smile

Why do Americans constantly show their smiles to the whole world? Yes, because they have highly developed dentistry. That's why they show their teeth and grin joyfully, the health blog notes http://health.zt.ua

However, by the way, in recent years, dentistry has been actively developing in other countries, including, of course, in our country. Due to the fact that doctors now have the opportunity to correct all the shortcomings of the bite in childhood, the teeth in children will grow even and beautiful. By the way, doctors say that you need to start correcting the bite the sooner the better.

As for adults, it is also possible for them to correct the bite, although it is very difficult. And braces are used for these purposes. It is this device that helps to correct tooth defects at any age. Braces are called such designs, which consist of several elements and are attached to the teeth. This name itself in translation from English means “bracket”, but the structure of the structure is much more complicated than the bracket because it also includes an arc. In fact, the structure of braces is not the most important thing if you want to get information about them. It is much more important to know what types they are in order to choose exactly what you need in a particular case.

So, what types of braces are known today?
Firstly, they can be different in cross section, diameter and degree of tension. At the same time, they begin the course of treatment with those that are the weakest, and end with those that are stronger.

Secondly, braces can be made of titanium, composite, stainless steel, single crystals, ceramics, fiberglass, gold and artificial sapphire, which also contributes to the variety of these designs.

Thirdly, they can be vestibular and lingual. In this case, their structure is taken into account.

And finally, if you wish, you can order “brackets” curly or colored, this is purely for decorative purposes.

So be healthy and smile beautifully, there are definitely prerequisites for this.