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Do you have plans to create your own website? And you don't know where to start? And it is worth starting with the collection of all the information in order to fully understand what stages you will follow, so to speak, a business plan, to create your business on the Internet. A very important part is website promotion in Lviv. This is a set of actions aimed at increasing the number of regular users and increasing the citation of the site.

Typically, site promotion and promotion includes the following areas: contextual site advertising, display advertising (banner placement), as well as optimization of all site content for specific search queries.

Promotion of an Internet resource with the help of contextual advertising is a fairly good and effective way to attract potential customers or readers. Contextual advertising is a method of placing advertising information, in which the information fully corresponds to the content of the page on which it is located. Advertising material can be either a regular text message or a banner.

The most popular way to promote is through search advertising. Search advertising is a subtype of contextual advertising that is placed on search engine results pages.

Display advertising is advertising that aims to use various types of media. Usually they use banners in the following formats: Gif, Flash (SWF), Jpg. While text ads are used to attract a specific visitor to a website, display ads are usually used to promote the brand itself.