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UAE - a country of the future with a rich past

If you have been dreaming of entering a country from early childhood where the past is closely intertwined with the future, and in each lane you can hear one of Scheherazade’s tales, then you just need to buy a tour to the UAE. Although this country is not among the visa-free countries for Ukrainians, it is easy to get a visa using the simplified visa regime applicable to our compatriots. And despite the fact that almost the entire territory of the country is occupied by a vast desert, hardworking Arabs managed to create a fairy tale right in the sand. That is why hundreds of tourists travel to the UAE every day to see for themselves that miracles happen. The UAE will surely appeal to those who love exotic combined with high-quality service, because the Arabs managed to combine incompatible things: use the latest achievements of advanced technologies everywhere, and at the same time not lose a truly oriental flavor.

In the UAE there really is something to see: this is the Burj al Arab Hotel, which is considered to be one of the most luxurious in the world, and the Palm Islands, and the ski resort Ski Dubai, where tourists are invited to ski and many more interesting places ...

You can not ignore the most popular shopping tours in the UAE, because this country is known not only for its advanced technologies, but also for the largest sales, during which you can buy everything from huge gold and diamonds to cars, with huge discounts. Interestingly, the laws of the UAE are very strict for dishonest merchants, so the likelihood that you will be deceived in this country is practically zero. And about the quality of things produced in this country, there are real legends. That is why shopping tours in the UAE are very popular.

But at the same time, traditions are highly esteemed in this interesting Arab country, and a curious tourist can also enjoy their holidays in the UAE. Authentic cuisine, many interesting excursions, including visiting the real Bedouin tents, visiting historical monuments - you won’t be bored in the UAE, and given the level of service, this vacation will be truly royal.

A vacation in the UAE is really worthy of kings, because a high level of service, combined with very reasonable prices, the most oriental flavor and a simplified visa application procedure in the UAE, makes it possible for an ordinary tourist to feel not just a king, but a real Arab sheikh.