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Museums in Belarus

Each inhabitant of Belorussia highly values its historical roots and is doing everything possible to learn from history and preserve evidence on all stages of human development for the next generation.

Museums in Belarus are the places where culture, history and tradition are transmitted, new information and food for thought is being extracted. There is such a contingent of foreigners who criticize Belarusians in every way for their conservatism and close connection with history. However, they are still fascinated by rituals and ancient teachings that are kept in museums and private collections, which are key and inevitable parts of the cultural and historical heritage of Belarus.

Each museum is pleased to welcome visitors and share their new collections. There are a lot of museums in Minsk, which are generally devoted to one particular area of human activity or event. Sculptures and paintings by famous foreign and Belarusian artists are represented in art museums. How and for what equipment was used for filming - shown in the Museum of Cinema History. The most prominent persons in the Belarusian sport are represented in the museum of sports. Full of losses and sorrows of the Belarusian people during the Second World War, this is depicted in the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, as well as the contribution of the people to the victory over the Nazis.

Belarusian museums act not only as buildings where the remains of the past are stored, but also museums that are under the open sky. There is the well-known Brest Fortress and the Stalin line there. These museums are visited by many schoolchildren, as part of their educational program.

Foreign exhibitions are held in the museums of Minsk, which represent the cultural heritage of the people of Belarus and other countries, and this helps to expand their knowledge and interest in a variety of other cultures. There are also many museums and loyalty days, when you can visit them for free. Most museums make financial donations and equipment for people with disabilities.

This page will provide you with a list of the most visited museums in Minsk, here you can also see their work schedule. Belarus is pleased to welcome those who are interested in their culture and history, who are attracted by its sight, which is the main destination for this mission of museums.

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