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Comfortable vacation in Tunisia in September

September is rightfully considered the velvet season for tourists in many resort countries of the world. As far as African Tunisia is concerned, at this time a real paradise comes for vacationers. This fabulous eastern state is in a great location.

The beaches are especially good here. White velvet sand, like silk, touches a heated body. The sea is shallow and warm enough for all the previous months. For hours you can swim and splash in its magnificent waters. Holidays in Tunisia in 2020 promises to be pleasant and comfortable for all holidaymakers.

Calmness and sun
If we turn to September, then the weather this month is the most favorable for a beach holiday. It is especially good to sunbathe in the morning. There is no wind, the sea is very calm - a beautiful even tan is guaranteed for tourists. After lunch, soft fluffy clouds appear in the sky and at times allow you to take a break from the sun, which is very good. September tan is the most beautiful - bronze-peach. And evening sunsets are a real fairy tale!

September allows you to rest calmly, measuredly, with pleasure, therefore it is suitable for the elderly. Many people have appeared in Russia who want to spend the velvet season in Tunisia, to fully enjoy the quiet splendor of this oriental fairy tale. In the second half of September, it becomes much calmer in numerous Tunisian hotels, which also has a positive effect on the rest of tourists.

Active and cultural rest
Tours to Tunisia in September will allow you to take advantage of a variety of excursions. Autumn weather favors this. You can admire the sights of this country to your heart's content, buy souvenirs and take many pictures for memory.

And if vacationers want to get a thrill at the resort, then go scuba diving! And there is no need to buy or bring the necessary equipment - everyone will be provided right on the beach. Also, you do not need to master scuba diving at home - everything will be explained to you on the spot. The instructors in Tunisia are high class, experienced professionals and friendly people.

The depths of the Mediterranean Sea are teeming with a variety of animals - perches, shrimps, shellfish and even sharks. The flora of sea waters is also rich, which are always clean and transparent. Flora and fauna of the coast every year pleases tourists from different countries who choose this fertile African country for recreation.

Besides the thrill, scuba diving brings pleasure, joy and excitement.

Tunisia in the fall of 2020 will bring a lot of impressions and ensure a wonderful vacation. Moreover, Russians are always pleased with the prices for tours and a large selection of numerous hotels of three, four and five stars.