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How to lay a strong shore fortification of location

Shore protection measures are a demanded service in the interests of farms, the summer cottages of which are adjacent to the water. To prevent the erosion of the coastline or equip it, you need to carry out construction work to strengthen the coastal strip. The coast guard company Kievbereg provides a massive set of measures in this area, especially necessary are the construction of retaining fortifications of quays, terraces and piers, the creation of banks, an increase in the bottom, the strengthening of coastal lines and slopes, the cleaning of the lake, the construction of reservoirs. More information about strengthening the coast of oak on the site - kiev-bereg.com.

What technologies of bank protection of water bodies can be applied
The created hydraulic structure is operated in severe climatic conditions. Cases in which the irrationally chosen method of construction in the hope of reducing the cost price of the object led to this are not uncommon - almost all the time it has been possible to do all the work in a new way. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to establish a project where to think about any negative conditions.

It is possible to tackle bank protection with PVC dowel, oak, geogrid, gabions, and other materials. The choice depends on the requirements of the client, who often has a low price in the first places, as well as a beautiful appearance, as well as the potential of using them on the provided object. Detailed information on this issue can be found here.

Stages of work
At first, it looks like the terrain on which construction is planned to be carried out and local climatic conditions are being investigated. Further, suitable bank protection methods are predetermined, the only one is chosen from them. The object is compiled working technical documentation and estimates, which is approved by the customer.

The site is preparing to work. On the site the garbage interfering green is taken out, then marking of the system being erected is made. At the same time imported construction materials.

The next stage is the formation of a structure, which occupies the main segment of time. And after him perform surface procedures to impart an aesthetic landscape.

What types of materials are used in shore protection
In addition to choosing a method for securing a slope or shore, the choice of materials for the project is more significant, since the cost of shortage is deprivation of bank protection as such, in the case of using raw materials with insufficient TTX, or spending additional money, in case of using excessively strong or moisture-proof bases in insignificant projects. In particular, as a result of this, it is important to observe the relationship between the quality of materials and cost, taking as a base the requirements of the bank protection structure, which contain the following conditions:

Climatic conditions;
The need to build additional objects;
River quality (power, saltiness, etc.);
Type of soil;
Also other (based on the features of the project).
For the sake of the sample, it is possible to look at 2 different projects and compare the problems that the contractor had, the ways to circumvent them, based on the client’s budget:

Bank protection wood. The place was the extensive coast of the island near Romankov. The condition of the coastal zone did not withstand criticism - covered with reeds and shrubs, which was complicated by the oozy bottom and the lack of an adequate approach to the coastal strip. Based on these introductory data, as well as the client’s wishes and budget, we decided to use a wooden bar. For installation of anchoring and piles - the coastal wooden wall was made, and after that the backfilling of sand that had been delivered to the island was completed.
Bank protection by gabions. There was a task to equip a birch by strengthening it, to refine it. The topography of the coastal terrain is uneven, the ground is sandy, and besides this is overgrown, which made it difficult to approach the coastal slope. It was decided to carry out the strengthening of the coast in stages. Previously, it was necessary to clear the slope itself and organize a base for a line of gabions, which were placed on the bottom of the lake with further filling with hands, tying the lid.