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Where to eat and budget in Rome?

Every year, tourists come to Rome from all over the world. There are several reasons for this - the unique architecture, picturesque surroundings and the special atmosphere of the old city remain in the memory for a lifetime. That is why most travelers come here again and again. If the travel budget is limited and you want to visit as many interesting places as possible, you should take care of food and accommodation in advance. Accommodation can be found on a specialized site, but on nutrition we will discuss in more detail in the article. Reviews on the popular cafes and restaurants of Rome, of course, you can search on the Internet, but finding cheap and tasty food can be quite difficult. Most establishments are designed for a continuous flow of visitors, so the quality of food is given minimum attention. To enjoy real Italian cuisine and not spend a lot of money, you need to choose small taverns and family restaurants aside from popular tourist routes. Our collection includes proven institutions, lunch in which will cost no more than 6 euros. Pizzeria trattoria da francesco In this small pizzeria, the lion’s share of visitors is locals. Very cozy and authentic place, pleasing friendly staff and a real Roman pizza. There are not so many fillings here, but the products are always excellent. The portions are always pleased with the size - for a large piece of hot pizza they will ask for only a couple of euros. Pizzeria trattoria da francesco It is in this small pizzeria you can try the legendary pianoforte Bianca (served without a filling). Locals advise eating it hot, if desired, you can add vegetables, cheese and sausages to the pizza. All dishes on the menu are sold by weight, so you can order a piece for a certain amount. The largest portion costs about 6 euros. Forno Campo de ’Fiori Fans of real Italian pasta and fresh seafood will definitely like the restaurant in the old part of the city. The simple and at the same time refined interior allows you to fully experience the atmosphere of the "eternal city". The menu has several types of pasta, gnocchi with various fillings and local wine. Dinner for two will cost 5-6 euros. Ristorante perilli Another inexpensive institution that is popular among locals. Nearby is the famous square of Spain, so finding a restaurant is not difficult. It offers very budget meals - for only 4 euros you can get a large plate of fresh pasta and a glass of local wine. Lunch queues are big, so it's best to come in advance. Pastificio Visiting Rome, you can enjoy the local cuisine without spending too much. Knowing the addresses of proven institutions, you can save not only time, but also an impressive amount of money. Have a good rest!